Aidan McGinley

Software Architect


I am a polyglot with a passion for Continuous Delivery and all things that enable it (Software Quality, Automation and Repeatability), with experience of applying these principals in both a Windows and Linux environment, most recently whilst delivering a number of MicroServices.
I have lead teams, developed IT strategies and always stayed close to my roots in Software Development, and very comfortable working in the FinTech sector.


  • Java/Java EE
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Hibernate and NHibernate
  • Docker
  • Mesos and Marathon
  • Web Services and REST APIs
  • Spring
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Linux and Windows
  • Apache and IIS
  • MySQL
  • Maven
  • SCJP
  • Jenkins
  • UML
  • Git



Chief Architect

Sept 2015 - Present

  • Designed and rebuilt the rebalancing and trading platform enabling Nutmeg to be one of first European companies to offer fractional share trading to it's customers.
  • Designed and implemented a pricing engine from the ground up to enable unprecedented personalised pricing and customer segmentation.
  • Did product design and implementation for MVP Lifetime ISA product which meant Nutmeg was one of only 3 providers with the product at launch
  • Streamlined many of the processes for the Operations team so trading and customer account management is as efficient as possible - In one instance reducing one process from 4 hours to 10 minutes
  • Reduced AWS costs by over 25%
  • Migrated the entire application stack from an entirely manual testing + deployment process to fully automated test + deployments using Jenkins, Docker, Mesos and Marathon.


Engineering Team Lead

May 2013 - Sept 2015

  • Responsible for designing and deploying a number of MicroServices core to the main Wonga business. These services delivered key pricing information and customer state management capabilities
  • Led the adoption of Continuous Delivery for the MicroServices which enabled us to get code released to production in under 20 minutes. All code went through the full pipeline before being deployed which included extensive testing in our Integration and Staging environments.
  • By changing the architecture of a number of services, was able to achieve Zero Downtime deployments
  • Key member of the team responsible for delivering the IT Strategy which accompanied the FCA authorization application
  • Provided people leadership for a team of 7 developers, and helped develop the hiring process for new Technology staff

BBC Worldwide

Enterprise Architect, Digital & Strategy team

June 2011 - May 2013

  • Led the efforts to adopt Amazon EC2 as a hosting platform. Required adopting standard AMIs, provisioning tools, support processes and billing mechanisms
  • Mapped out the processes and systems used for Editorial Compliance and used this information to identify gaps, duplication and areas of improvement
  • Have conducted the technical due diligence in several Request for Procurement (RFP) engagements, including the RFP's for a Digital Asset Management Sytem and a Payment Provider. This involved collecting Functional/Non Functional requirements and assessing each vendor against them.
  • Built an Application Catalogue, Lifecycle and Costing model to enable identification of efficiency opportunities.
  • Developed an architectural roadmap for each business area outlining when and how applications would be impacted based on current and planned projects.
  • Headed up the governance team for assessing architectural impact of projects and changes.

American Express

Lead Technical Architect, Integrators Office

April 2010 - May 2011

  • Led the effort to develop the IT Strategy for the International Insurance business covering all markets.
  • Mapped out all the applications and technologies in use for the Insurance Business and then developing a road map/strategy to migrate to a consolidated Insurance platform.
  • Delivered the IT strategy for Membership Rewards platform working closely with the business to identify pain points and opportunities before defining a solution road map
  • Provided technical guidance on all projects in the Insurance/Card portfolio. Ensuring appropriate architecture is in place and internal/external standards followed

American Express

Lead Technical Architect, International Interactive Development

April 2008 - April 2010

  • Lead Architect responsible for online applications critical to American Express. This included the Homepage and Online Servicing (Commonly called MYCA) portions of the site (J2EE Applications)
  • Responsible for the design and architecture of critical projects within the portfolio
  • Came up with the idea for generic data capture system reducing simple project implementation times by over 70%
  • Responsible for the talent assessment (C.V. review and Technical interviews) of technical resources in the team
  • Rolled out release management process for the International Homepages that reduced code conflicts to zero - averaged one per week previously.
  • Improved website response time by 20% overall. This was achieved through frontend modifications only (HTML and Web Server configuration).
  • Identified and resolved over 20 XSS vulnerabilities on American Express web pages

American Express

Programmer Analyst/Lead Programmer Analyst, Global Statement Imaging Service and International E-Applications

September 2003 - April 2008

  • Responsible for the Online Statement Delivery platform (J2EE application), enabling paperless statements for card members, handling in excess of 3M transactions per month
  • Developed International Card applications on Websphere platform using J2EE, Struts, JSP, HTML, CSS and XML extensively
  • Optimised platform to reduce running costs by over $500,000 per annum
  • Personally responsible for identifying a $70,000 per annum revenue opportunity
  • Duties included stabilizing the platform. Availability increased from 94.8% when I joined to over 99.9% when I left
  • Conducted technical interviews of new candidates and responsible for screening resume's

Personal Projects

Semantic Version Enforcer

Build History Metrics Plugin for Jenkins

  • A plugin for Jenkins which calculates the Mean Time To Failure and Mean Time to Recovery metrics for your Jenkins jobs. More details can be found on the wiki and Github pages.
  • Tools used: C# & Nuget2

OpenStreetMap Postcode Import

  • Developing a recurring import to the OpenStreetMap project to add UK postcodes to the data set. Details can be found on the OpenStreetMap Project page

Investment Club

  • Currently treasurer of an investment club made up of 5 people. The club has been operating since early 2009, and we meet monthly. Our returns are currently in the region of 20% per annum. I have written an extensive Google Docs Spreadsheet to manage our portfolio and provide a dashboard with real time market updates for other members

Betfair Service Wrapper

  • Using the Java reflection API and Apache Axis2 library I implemented a framework to easily call the Betfair Web service API ( from any Java based application without having to implement extensive boilerplate code. Code can be found on GitHub
  • Tools used: Java & Axis2

Historical Sports Databases

  • I have built an extensive database of horse racing data making use of numerous technologies to collect, interrogate and analyse the data. I used Hibernate for data access, MySQL for the database layer and Struts/Tiles for the presentation. The system also comprises a number of batch elements making use of HttpClient and Axis2 in order to collect data from a number of services/APIs. I have used this to develop a number of profitable betting strategies I have also built a similar datastore for soccer. This is built using PostgreSQL as a data store, using Hibernate (3.3) for data access. I use Spring MVC (3.0) for the frontend.
  • Tools used: PostgreSQL & MySQL, Java, Hibernate, Spring, HttpClient, Axis2

SMS Tournament Board

  • Developed an application for a local golf club for their presidents prize to enable players update the tournament scoreboard remotely using SMS text messages. SMS was used as users did not have smart phones.
  • Tools used: PHP (Web pages), SMSLib & Java (Backend)

Several small apps (Mostly <1 day development - All Java based)

  • An application to deliver timed tweets using the Twitter API
  • An Auction Bot to auto bid in reverse bid auctions
  • A PDF data scraper for market data archive
  • A Twitter data scraper built on Google App Engine used in my MBA final project

Other interests

  • Keeping on top of latest technology news through reading blogs, following Hacker news and attending live Tech events in the evenings
  • I enjoy trying out new technologies and have experimented with various cloud services including Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, Heroku, Cloudflare, Cloudfoundry and Google Apps for Business
  • I cycle to work most days and have taken part in a number of organised cycling activities including the 54 mile London to Brighton bike ride
  • Music & Film are passions of mine. I try to attend several live music events each month, and I am a member of the local Picturehouse cinema since 2009
  • I have played poker both online and offline since I was a teenager. I was ranked in the top 1% of online poker players in 2008. Unfortunately I no longer have the time to spare to maintain that level of expertise anymore!
  • I was admitted to Mensa the High IQ society in 2004 with an IQ of 151


Imperial College London, London, UK

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Final Project: Marketing through Twitter

University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

MSc. Human Centred Computer Systems

University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

BSc. Computer Science: 1st class honours

Aidan McGinley - - +44-7717763696